About Us

  • We are a team of Engineer / Management professionals with (NIT/IIT/IIMs) decades of experience in Operations, Consulting, Research and Education; offer services in consulting, training, academic support, e-tutoring. Key promoter profile https://primeconsultinggroup.in/key-promoter-profile-pcg-050621/
  • Consulting services comprise organisational goals, strategy, structure, systems, process, practices; investment / performance analysis, market studies, personal finance …, sounding board, coach / mentoring. More on our consulting experience https://primeconsultinggroup.in/consulting-experience-for-pcg-070621/
  • Academic Support cover assisting and training Management students on assignments, dissertation, thesis work, research, proposal, data analysis, report writing. Our clientele comprise candidates from US, UK, ME, Africa, Australia with varying demands on content and compliance to standards. More on our academic support and MBA assignments at https://primeconsultinggroup.in/mba-assignments-completed-170619/
  • Our Publications at https://primeconsultinggroup.in/publications-on-management-and-related-topics/
  • Employability training – beyond subject matter proficiency and soft skills, see Employability
  • E Tutoring in Mathematics by post graduate experienced lady tutor for high school and above level for CBSE, ICSE, State Board, IB syllabi; SAT .. for students in India, US, UK, ME and other geographies E Tutoring in Mathematics
  • Personal Finance Advisory insurance, investment, recurring income / pension plans, child education, critical illness protection, tax efficiency …