1.MBA assignments completed

2.doing business in India – culture conundrum corruption creativity

3.Corruption: a weapon of mass destruction

4.our training and management education experience

5.mba assignments completed with summary

6.consulting experience of pcg team lead

7.ease of living index

8. is obedience to your boss always the right way

9. what one should and should not expect from a MBA program

10. learning to challenge unlearn and innovate on what is taught in your MBA classrooms

11. how to improve MBA programs

12. food for thought for MBAs and potential managers

13. systems thinking for management

14. apple dell nokia analysis

15. tuning MBA programs for improved current and emerging industry relevance

16. management education from prescriptive to discovery

17. perceptions-on-performance-management-of-knowledge-workers-management challenge

18. hrstrategyreport

19. indiamauritius-dtatanalysis

20. historical context of sustainability solar panels in India

21. success rates of projects in UAE

22. problems with restaurant business development and entrepreneurship in kaliningrad

23. budgetary control and performance management

24. talent management learning and development

25. mcdonaldisation – fixation with metric driven management

26. investment analysis – buy to rent-uk-gilt-and-stock

27. stockinvestmentanalysis-apple-dell comparison

28. Club NIA business plan

29. cultural dimensions of management-china vs france

30. iibf-business-plan

31. know your enemy within-bridging knowledge and practice of management

32. know-your-enemy-within-bridging-knowledge-and-practice-of-management-kooveli-madom

33. partridgepublishing-know your enemy within-bridging knowledge and practice of management

34. Know Your Enemy Within-Bridging Knowledge & Practice of Management-amazon.in

35. Know your enemy within-bridging knowledge & practice of Management.amazon.com

36. Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective

37. management-consultancy-through-an-academic-and-practitioner-perspective/notionpress

38. management consultancy through an academic and practitioner perspective/snapdeal

39. Management Consultancy Through An Academic & Practitioner Perspective-Amazon.in

40. Employability

41. Ease-of-Living-Index-parameters and data collection