Personal Finance

Our Personal Finance service cover financial security, tax efficient assured income, wealth management, child education, recurring income / pension plans, critical illness cover, term insurance plans ..

You are

A well educated high earning professional with an ideal family. You earn a respectable monthly income which is only expected to grow; enjoying a comfortable life in an upmarket locality in a city; your children are studying in one of the sought after high end private schools, your spouse spends her time on her hobbies or pursuing her passions, supporting you with your demanding job. Imagine, a situation you have contracted a two crore plus housing loan with EMI dues stretching for 18 more years to sync with your desires .. . You need financial security

Why Secure Your self

Something very unexpected happens to you. Who will provide for your dear ones’ needs, maintain their standard of living you have provided them .. How will you make sure the property you have purchased is not confiscated for non-payment of EMIs. Despite our optimism, we need to be realistic to provide for the unexpected. We wish you are not that victim. Act today to buy peace of mind without compromising on your financial wisdom

Typical products

Insurance products comprise Pure term insurance for protection; unit linked plans with protection and investment akin to a mutual fund with insurance cover; monthly income plans with protection, investment and assured monthly income; child education plans that take care of your child’s education in your absence, Guaranteed Life Time Income Plan that offers assured income for life for you and spouse, Smart Wealth Plan that offers flexibility, double life cover, assured income, a legacy for those left behind … and more. Insurance companies continuously design and offer new products to cater to market needs and in compliance with insurance industry regulations.

Getting to Know More

As insurance advisor’s role is to educate the customer, understand needs, present options to meet needs and help in choosing a product and its variants to meet customer’s needs. Reach me at or message me on 9845274369. Please visit Look forward to listen to you, understand your needs, interact and share mutual interests.

Who am I

An engineer and an MBA from tier 1 institutions with more than three decades experience in top consulting firm, training, education, financial management and insurance.